What Is Up With All The Trilbies

Trilbys are by many ranked as one of the worst fashion offenses you can commit today, so much so that it’s become a meme.

Most of the flack the ‘fedora’ gets, is actually aimed at the trilby (which, granted, is a type of Fedora), but if you want to wear a Fedora hat, and not look like a tool, I’d go with a modern take. Something like this wool Fedora.

There is no way to make a trilby look good because of the memery and misuse of it for years and even if you wore a ‘true’ fedora, you still look like a try-hard unwashed weirdo who bought a hat at the mall or someone trying to invoke some early 20th century dress up style and failing at it.

Either way, it doesn’t work, you’re not Humphrey Bogart, you’re not Al Capone, it’s not ‘classy’ and it’s not ‘gentlemanly’. Hats in general are very not in fashion right now, haven’t been for a while and I have a feeling won’t be for quite a while going forward.

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