What Exactly Is Gout

I didn’t know what gout was until I got it. I got gout. And I didn’t know what it was. Does it hurt? Yup.

Who would have thought that I would have gotten gout. Isn’t that something that older people get? Apparently not. It seems like most people can get it pretty much any time of their lives. Which would be me.

What is it besides painful?

Through the overproduction or under secretion of uric acid, the acid creates crystals (called tophi) in between the joints. The crystals rub up against the ligaments, joints, nerves, etc causing extreme pain.

It’s just about the worst pain you can have.

Imagine laying on a bed, in a great deal of pain– usually in the big toe, but I have gout EVERYWHERE (neck, arms, knees, ankles, etc)– okay so you’re in a ton of pain. But you’re cold so you decide to pull a bed sheet over you.

Just the weight of a bed sheet on the affected area will increase the pain a great deal.

It’s an unpleasant problem to have. I had a golf ball sized tophi removed from my left foot, and one about the same size removed from my left elbow, and still have one on the right elbow.

But why?

Diet, genetics, etc.. In my case probably a little of both. Like any other medical condition, individual cases vary greatly in severity and viable treatments.

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