These Aren’t For You

Have you read around the site and thought to yourself, wow, this is really basic stuff, why do I even read it?

Then I am sorry it wasn’t written for you. It is that simple.

These guides aren’t aimed at people who know what they’re doing already, they’re aimed at people that think a look is interesting and want a few tips on how to achieve them. They’re actionable advice how to achieve the looks therein and then an exhortation to try it out and play with it to get a feel for the aesthetic.

For people who are looking “down” all you’re going to see is restrictions/genrefication where it doesn’t need to exist, but frankly I don’t really care about the opinion of people who already know what they’re doing; I’m making these guides for people who post things like “I like the way Azurewrath dresses but his pieces are so $$$”, because in reality, you can achieve a similar aesthetic without having to spend lots of money on designer pieces.

Cringe all you want at the name/labels, because I really don’t give a shit. If you want a place that embraces a “Lurk moar n00b” ethos, go somewhere else, there are more than enough places on the web.

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