Monograms Are For Weddings Or Country Clubs

There is a growing trend to start having monograms added to various articles of clothing that, while possible, isn’t really appropriate. Monograms that are their for the sole purpose of being monogrammed are fake. And if you have the need to have them added you should step back and ask yourself why.

You will hear men bragging and flashing monograms like it is some sort of badge of greater achievement. Hum… Think about there. You had your initials stitched onto your shirt. That means what?

You can find embroidery machines for less than $400 and that means what? I’m still not getting it, sorry.

Unless you are getting married or you are a member of some exclusive country club it is probably better to stop posing. Skip the monogram, because nine times out of ten you will look ridiculous with it on your shirt.

A lot of men think that by including a monogram on their shirt pocket or left cuff they are making a “power play”. And that is really interesting because it has nothing to do with reality. In reality, monograms are used as a symbol of unity as in the form of weddings. And they are marker to place claim on a belonging. Powerful men don’t need to claim things, they own them. If you ever dealt with men in these positions you will know that nobody would come to the idea of thinking about taking anything, they are subordinates and they know it.

The monogram wedding is another thing all together.

You will find plenty of ways to combine monograms with wedding invitations so that it looks nice. Here I am a lot more flexible when it comes to monograms, because it isn’t your monogram, it is “your” monogram. And that is what makes the difference.

A wedding is a clear statement, it says that we have combined, we have joined, we are one. And the monogram is a visual representation of that. It shows the things in the perspective you want. Nothing too flashy, tacky, or pompous though.

My suggestion: They are gaudy when done wrong. If you have to wear them on your clothes, and you shouldn’t, stick to either matching colors or go tonal if you want it to be seen easier. There are some fashion “outlets” who give you room to put a phrase on the garment. DO NOT DO THIS. Stick with your initials if you have to have something personal added to the article of clothing. Anything else is pretentious.

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