As much as you would love to rock a midnight blue tailor-made Brioni suit every day, it’s just not happening for most guys that I have known. But they are on the right track. Bond’s sense of style has a timeless quality that can certainly be very helpful for the everyday life.

Here’s a few of my personal list that were influenced partially due to the timeless elegance that Bond manages to project most of the time, focusing on subtlety, elegance and minimalism (most of the time).

This is MY opinion, I don’t mind if you disagree (most of my friends can’t be bothered with just one of these items and I don’t really care) but let’s try keep it as polite as possible.

  1. No big brands, phrases or logos in your clothing: Even the best clothes do have labels and such but a giant “Nike” logo or a “Born to run” motto just makes you look like a corporation owns your ass and didn’t pay you enough for it (an Omega on the wrist is product placement, but of the good kind)
  2. No tattoos, piercings or similar, ever: Here’s one that I feel is more of a personal taste but I don’t like any of the aforementioned.
  3. No “trendy” haircuts: Mohawks?, Dreadlocks?, nope.
  4. Subdued tones of Blue, black, green, gray and some ranges of white (beige, ivory, etc): Those are pretty much all the colors a man can need to look ok most of the time (no shiny crap unless your work requires it).
  5. No shorts, never, EVER (except on the beach): Men don’t wear shorts, I know they can be comfortable but I can’t help to see Adam Sandler every time a guy, no matter how cool, decides to rock a pair. In the beach shorts are actually swimwear so they’re ok (Check Connery or Craig for good examples).
  6. Less is more: Your clothing has relatively few accessories, pockets and such? Then it will probably stand the test of time much better.
  7. Footwear MUST cover the entire feet: There’s no excuses for this one either. Wherever you are, there are choices to avoid crocs, sandals, etc.
  8. No patterns, printings and “designs”: Show me some of that and I’ll bet it looked dated 5 minutes after it came out of the fabric. Single-colored clothing generally fares much better along the ages. By patterns I mean differently colored ones, but working within a same color can work well.
  9. Would Bond wear this?: Despite his well-tailored image, Bond has actually wore very diverse types of clothing in his run and you can pretty much know if something fits in his style or doesn’t. It doesn’t need to be expensive designer clothing at all, just something simple, comfortable and that is wore with a modicum of dignity instead of trying to grab attention at all costs (casual elegance does bring attention IMO, but of a different kind).
  10. Not too tight, not too loose: A perfect fit is impossible for many reasons but a decent one is attainable. The shapes of your body should be respected as much as possible and clothing can also help deal with all the imperfections we all have as humans (except if you’re either Connery or Brosnan, those guys are just perfect).

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