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I’m just going to share with you what works for me. Note that I have overall average thickness of hair, but the individual strands are very fine – I just got a lot of them!

If you have bangs, simply styling those can instantly make you look more put-together. I go back and forth between side swept bangs and bangs like this, but I always blow dry them with a round brush for work. It takes around minutes, and is on hair that is more ok if it gets damaged as it will be trimmed off relatively soon.

If I want to wear my hair down I use product. But, to be honest, with my length of hair (bit beyond bra-strap) it’s incredibly difficult for me not to look young/slightly unprofessional with my hair down. But sometimes, I just don’t care!

For me, styling creams seem to work the best opposed to gels or mousses. One I like is Garnier Fructis Curl Calm Down. I’m have also been trying the Loreal curl cream as I use the Loreal shampoo and conditioner already.

Here’s what I do to apply the product:

  • Don’t comb or brush your hair
  • Get into the shower, shampoo as normal, use conditioner and comb through your hair with your fingers.
  • Squeeze (don’t wring) out the moisture in your hair after you’re done
  • With your hair still basically sopping wet, rake the product through your hair. Sometimes for this step I use a little bit of frizz cream first (I use Loreal EverStyle Shine Cream) and then a single pump of the curl cream
  • Start scrunching your hair in the shower (as you will be dripping) to try and get as much moisture out as you can with just your hands.
    • Sometimes, if my hair isn’t showing too much wave at this point, I like to add another pump of the curl cream and scrunch that in
  • Take a t-shirt or microfiber towel and continue to scrunch with that
  • NOW LET IT BE! (At this point, I do blowdry and style my bangs)
  • Once it fully dries, you may want to use a smoothing cream to help get rid of some of the flyaways that will happen. I like Loreal Eversleek Finishing Cream – evidently I’m a loreal fan-girl! Put just a LITTLE on your hands and lightly comb your fingers through your hair.

If I’m not wearing it down (which I cannot do unless I take a shower in the morning), I usually just put that smoothing cream or leave-in conditioner in my hair and then put it in whatever style I want. Some of my favorite styles are the gibson tuck, the french tuck (I wear this the most often), buns, (if I do buns, I use spin pins and I also put a crap ton of product in the ponytail as I have layers), and simply low ponytails

I often do rolls on the sides to keep my layers into whatever style I’m doing.

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