Before You Go Business Casual

Suits and neckties are technically informal from a fashion standpoint. Business “casual” is appealing, dress like you mean business and you will do well.

Take your wardrobe seriously.

The thing about work clothes is that you have to invest in them knowing that every wear is worth some amount of money. You’re going to have some cycle of 4-6 pairs of pants and 8-10 shirts so that you have two weeks of clothes. To figure out what you should pay, you should think about how frequently you’re going to wear those clothes and then discount the cost of any item by the number of “wears” you think you’ll get out of the period in which you’ll wear that item of clothing.

Let’s say you wear a shirt once every two weeks, or 24 times per year. If you expect to get a year’s worth of wears out of a $60 shirt then you should understand that you’re paying (discounting the value of the shirt by) $2.50 a day to wear that shirt. I think that a dress shirt like that might last you 2+ years in which case (discounting $1.25/day…). It’s great to put effort into looking good in business casual, but it’s also easy to spend a lot of money doing so.

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